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||| The Japanese Society of Extra-Corporeal Technology in Medicine |||
【LAST UPDATE : 24.May.2012】
The 38th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society
            of Extra-Corpoeral Technology in Medicine
new Message from the conference chairman
[Society bulletin] The 38th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Extra-corporeal
Technology in Medicine (JaSECT) (Announcement)

             ・Congress president:Takafumi Yamasaki
              929 Higashi-cho, Kamogawa-city, Chiba
              296-8602 Japan
              Kameda Medical Center Medical Engineer Department
             ・The organizers:The Japanese Society of Extra-corporeal
               Technology in Medicine (JaSECT)

  The 38th Annual Meeting of The Japanese Society of Extra-corporeal Technology in
   Medicine (JaSECT) will be held from Saturday November 3 to Sunday November 4,
   2012 at Makuhari Messe, International Conference Hall.
  The subject of this meeting is “Management”. Technologies provided in the field of
   medicine have developed through application of the theories created in the
   industrial world to modern medical care.
   Most of all, management has been drawing attention in the process to consider
   the hospital management and the formation of a framework.
   Management is the means needed for many people to work together to promote
   interorganizational collaboration and achieve the goal for the purpose of providing
   better medical care and producing better results;.
  We should view the management of extracorporeal circulation from the various
   perspectives including human resources, medical equipments, perioperative period,
   risks and knowledge, and take enough time to establish the control system
  associated with an artificial heart-lung machine.
  The 37th, 38th and 39th Annual Meetings will have the joint campaign titled “
  Countermeasures against Earthquake Disaster” based on the lessons learned
  from the devastating Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011, in which
   the countermeasures and actions required when a major earthquake happens
  will be discussed.
  We selected this topic to be discussed in this meeting since an earthquake
  disaster may cause crippling damages to hospitals and efforts in BCM (business
   continuity management) are considered as one of the important risk management
  We hope to provide the participants with a rich and rewarding experience through
  the discussion on management of extracorporeal circulation. We will be looking
  forward to many participations and applications.

  Ⅰ.Date :3-4, November, 2012
  Ⅱ.Venue :Makuhari Messe(International Conference Hall)
        2-1, Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba-city, 261-0023 Japan
        (URL : http://www.m-messe.co.jp)
  Ⅲ.Theme:「 Management 」
  Ⅳ.Planned program
  1. Symposium
  2. Panel discussion
  3. Round-table discussion
  4. Education/special sessions
  5. General sessions
  6. Luncheon seminar
  Others including hospitality rooms, exhibition of equipments, plenary session,
   and get-together

  Ⅴ Call for application
   We call for application in the following topic categories.
  1. Perioperative management of extracorporeal circulation
  2. Personnel training management in extracorporeal circulation
  3. Knowledge management in extracorporeal circulation
  4. Countermeasures against earthquake disasters and emergency drill
  5. Business continuity management (BCM) in earthquake disasters
  6. Risk managements of extracorporeal circulation
  7. Management of extracorporeal circulation equipments
       and peripheral equipments
  8. PCPS and/or VAS managements
  9. Systems and management of emergency extracorporeal circulation
  10. Ingenuities in pediatric extracorporeal circulation
  11. Record system of extracorporeal circulation (e.g. computerized management,   
    automatic recording and database)
  12. Evidences of extracorporeal circulation

  Ⅵ. Application period
    From February 2 to May 15, 2012 (scheduled)

  Ⅶ.Application policies
  The manuscripts must be unpublished at other scientific meetings. Presentation
   of manuscripts for an identical theme may be declined. Paper presentation can be
   made only by regular member except for special sponsor or invited lecturer.   
  Non-regular members who hope paper presentation are requested to sign up for
   the society before the application. (See the details on the JaSECT website.)

  Ⅷ.Manuscript acceptance
  You may be requested to present your manuscript at the symposium, panel
  discussion and round-table discussion. Or you may be requested a poster session if   
  there are many paper presentations.

  Ⅸ.Congress management office
    Saitama cardiovascular and respiratory center
    Clinical Engineering Department
•    Tadao Someya someya.tadao@pref.saitama.lg.jp
     1696 Sakai Kumagaya-city, Saitama 360-0105 Japan
•      TEL:048-536-9900 FAX:048-536-9920
  Ⅹ.Venue :Makuhari Messe(International Conference Hall)
        2-1, Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba-city, 261-0023 Japan
        Venue Web site :http://www.m-messe.co.jp/index.html
        Venue Access :http://www.m-messe.co.jp/access/index.html 




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