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||| The Japanese Society of Extra-Corporeal Technology in Medicine |||
【LAST UPDATE : 18.Apl.2011】
Overview of the Medical Society

 In October of 2005, the Japanese Society of Extra-Corporeal Technology in Medicine (JaSECT) changed from a research association to a medical society. Established in February of 1976 in our previous incarnation as the Japan Society of Extracorporeal Circulation Technology (JaSECT), mainly as an academic society for health care professionals involved with extracorporeal circulation, with goals of the advancement and promulgation of research related to extracorporeal circulation technology, and through this to improve academic and other contributions to the progress and development of medical care. The purpose of our activities remains unchanged, despite the change of name, aiming to be involved in more types of occupations and for a higher level of academic activity.
Our main activities are the academic conference for all of Japan and the education seminar for the purpose of lifelong education; two major undertakings that are each held annually. In addition, we publish a quarterly journal, and we conduct various studies and make recommendations on safety measures. Japan is divided into nine regions, with each region having a regional society which conducts various activities.
We currently have 1,894 members ( Apl, 2011), and a broad range of people directly involved in extracorporeal circulation are members of the society, from clinical engineers, doctors and nurses to manufacturer’s engineers engaged in research and development.
We invite anyone who is interested to join. You will be most welcome.


Previous Annual Meetings

・30-31.Oct.2010 Sendai city Miyagi
     ;Sendai International Center       (The 36th Annual Meeting)
・24-25.Oct.2009 Osaka city Osaka
     ;International House,Osaka,        (The 35th Annual Meeting)
・25-26.Oct.2008 Yokohama City Kanagawa
     ;Annex Hall of PACIFICO YOKOHAMA (The 34th Annual Meeting)
・23-24.Nov.2007 Sasebo City Nagasaki
     ;HUIS TEN BOSCH             (The 33th Annual Meeting)
・16-17.Sep.2006 Yokohama City Kanagawa
 ;Annex Hall of PACIFICO YOKOHAMA (The 32th Annual Meeting)
・15-16.Oct.2005 Matsushima machi,Miyagi-gun,Miyagi
     ;Hotel Matsushima Taikanso       (The 31th Annual Meeting)
・18-19.Sep.2004 Asahikawa City ,Hokkaido
     ;Asahikawa Citizens Cultural Hall    (The 30th Annual Meeting)
・1-2.Nov.2003 Kyoto City,Kyoto
     ;KYOTO TERRSA              (The 29th Annual Meeting)
・5-6.Oct.2002 Hirakawacho,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo
     ;ZENKYOREN Building           (The 28th Annual Meeting)
・23-24.Nov.2001 Takamatsu city, kagawa
     ALPHA ANABUKI HALL(Kagawakenmin-hall) (The 27th Annual Meeting)
・15-16.Sep.2000 Izumo city,Shimane
     ;Big Heart IZUMO               (The 26th Annual Meeting)
・9-10.Sep.1999 Toyama city,Toyama
     ;Toyama International Conference Center(The 25th Annual Meeting)
・12-13.Sep.1998 Sapporo city,Hokkaido
     Royton SapporoHotel             (The 24th Annual Meeting)
・14-15.Sep.1997 Yokohama City Kanagawa
     ;PACIFICO YOKOHAMA             (The 23th Annual Meeting)